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We like to invite music artists to our giveaways to inspire the children when they receive their first guitar.  The artist gives the children their guitar, and gets the opportunity to talk and connect.  We have had artists play acoustic shows for the children as well, depending on location. 

General Information

When Choose Joy Productions works with a hospital, we look for artists local to the city to do the giveaway with.  If the artist reached out to us, we look for hospitals close to the artist that meet out criteria.  Choose Joy then coordinates scheduling, obtains and sets up the guitars, and brings the guitars to the location.  The guitars are then handed out to the artist to give away at the hospital. 



When Choose Joy Productions works with an artist, we have a few expectations for the artist:
   We expect the artist to be child-friendly, these giveaways are for kids.
   We expect the artist to conduct themselves professionally and to follow all hospital rules and guidelines.
   We expect the artist to help promote and share the giveaway before and after the event.



On the giveaway day, Choose Joy Productions will arrive to the hospital before the artist and connect with the staff.  Once the artist arrives, we prepare for the giveaway by going to the proper location and setting up any equipment needed. During the giveaway, we have the hospital introduce each patient and any family with them.  After some interaction, the artist gives the child their guitar.  During this time, acoustic shows are optional.  After the giveaway, we exchange information to share any media obtained during the event.  

If you are interested or have any questions, fill out the contact form below, and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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