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General information

Choose Joy Productions is a nonprofit based out of Ohio.  We buy new guitars, prepare them for playing, add them to a beginner kit, and give them away to children in hospitals for free.  We work with hospital staff to find appropriate patients to give guitars to.  To inspire the patients at the beginning of their musical journey, we invite a music artist local to the area to give the guitars to the patients in person (working within established COVID guidelines such as masks, testing, and distancing).


The giveaway process starts when contact with an interested music artist or hospital is established.  Choose Joy Productions works on building a relationship with a hospital's staff and/or music therapy team.  We arrange a series of phone calls to determine what the hospital has in mind for a giveaway, and what we can do to help.  Once the number of guitars needed, the date, and the location have been settled upon, Choose Joy Productions brings full beginner guitar kits to the location for the music artist to give to the patients, free of charge.  After the giveaway, we like to share photos/videos from the event. 


When a working partnership is established between Choose Joy Productions and a hospital we hope to establish some general working guidelines: 

An effort should be made for guitars to be given directly to patients in person.

Choose Joy Productions does not give guitars for music therapists to keep.  Guitars are to be given to patients or for the music therapy department.

Patient privacy is of paramount importance to us, so we will work with a hospital's media team for approval on any media obtained during the event.

Giveaway Day

On giveaway day, Choose Joy Productions will arrive before the music artist with the guitars.  We will establish contact with the appropriate hospital representative and prepare for the music artists arrival, and help them set up any equipment they need. 

During the giveaway, we would like the patient, any family members available, their caretaker/therapist to be present.  We want Choose Joy and the artist to have a chance to interact with the patient and get to know them and their story.

After some social time, and if the artist does any performances, the guitar will be given to the patient by the artist free of charge. The guitar kit includes everything needed to get started.

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