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We mainly use the Reaper DAW to record and produce music.  While you can use this program for free indeterminately, we recommend paying the low price for an individual license if you want to upload your work to the Internet. You can download Reaper for free at (Note: Choose Joy Productions is not endorsed by any of these creators, and we are not responsible for the content found in any of these links.)

These are our top recommended FREE VST's for getting started with producing in Reaper!



1. TDR Nova: Parallel Dynamic Equalizer

Nova PNG.png

2. MEqualizer: 6-band equalizer


Plugin can be downloaded here: TDR Nova | Tokyo Dawn Records

3. TDR VOS SlickEQ: Mixing/Mastering Equalizer

OIP (1).jpg

Plugin can be downloaded here: TDR VOS SlickEQ | Tokyo Dawn Records

5. TinyQ: Versatile Equalizer


Plugin can be downloaded here:

Fun Facts about EQ

1. TDR: Feedback Compressor II

FeedBack compressor.jpg

Plugin can be downloaded here: Tokyo Dawn Records

2. TDR: Molotok Compressor (dynamic processor)


Plugin can be downloaded here: Tokyo Dawn Records

3. MJUC JR.: Variable-Tube Compressor


Plugin can be downloaded here: Klanghelm

4. TDR: VladG Molot Compressor


Plugin can be downloaded here:

Tal Reverb png.png

Plugin can be downloaded here: 

Plugin can be downloaded here: MEqualizer | MeldaProduction

4. Blue Cat’s Triple EQ: 3 Bands Semi-Parametric 

Plugin can be downloaded here: Blue Cat's Triple

Production and Mastering

Recommended VST Plugins

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